Bolden Buying SpaceX Stock


“-defended the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) and the decision for the
United States not to return humans to the lunar surface. Humans on the
lunar surface makes sense for activities like in-situ resource
utilization, but he wants the United States to “empower” international
and commercial partners to take on that task. NASA’s Space Launch
System (SLS) can take “all kinds of stuff” to lunar orbit, but the
partners need to develop the lander: “The United States can’t do

WE DID IT BEFORE. As Obama bluntly pointed out. Time to go back. Mars needs to be put on hold indefinitely. The Moon is the place to go. But since bypassing LEO with the SLS dumps the NewSpace business plan in the trashcan NASA is playing a fools game treating the public like dummies. This is all going to come out and be very bad for Bolden. Very bad. ARM is a joke and everyone knows it- designed to divert attention from going back to the Moon.

“-ISS has a finite lifetime and “NASA is getting out” of that business.”

Get out of that business NOW and go back to the Moon and maybe our “partners” will build landers.


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