Hillary’s Biggest Mistake

5.8 million pound thrust SRB, 1965. How far the mighty have fallen!

At some point she is going to announce some kind of future space policy and with Ms. Garver being mentioned as her “space adviser”, this does not look good.
Not a win for space exploration or for the planet in general.

The only cure for climate change is to beam down the energy to power civilization from space. The only other solution is to kill off most of the human race and go back to herding goats.

Space Solar Power was the original cure for climate change proposed in the 1976 book by Gerard K. O’Neill, The High Frontier. Building solar power satellites on the Moon is still the only practical solution.

I would urge anybody concerned about the future of life on planet Earth to consider contacting Hillary Clinton and recommending Space Solar Power. The biggest mistake she could make will see the 21st century end in catastrophe or her best decision give birth to a second space age, and a new era in history.

Musk’s Biggest Mistake…..
While Ms. Garver may advise Hillary to follow the NewSpace agenda, this will only compound a fundamental error made repeatedly over the last half a century. This mistake is noted in a timeline I created for a critical four year period that determined the course of space exploration to this day. It begins on January 5, 1972, when President Richard M. Nixon announced his approval of the Space Transportation System.

“I have decided today that the United States should proceed at once with the development of an entirely new type of space transportation system designed to help transform the space frontier of the 1970s into familiar territory, easily accessible for human endeavor in the 1980s and ’90s.”

TRW Pressure-fed booster study is completed.
Apollo 17 returns to Earth and the first space age ends.

Sky Lab is launched.
Pioneer 10 first encounter with Jupiter

Last Sky Lab crew returns to Earth.
Hawking Radiation is predicted by Stephen Hawking.

The term “Global Warming” is first used.
NASA SP-413, A Design Study for Space Settlements, is completed.

The Soviet Luna 24 makes the last landing on the Moon for 37 years until the Chinese rover in 2013.
The High Frontier by Gerard K. O’Neill is published.

It is the second event, the TRW pressure-fed booster study, that connects directly to Elon Musk’s debilitating effect on the U.S. space program. The failure to develop the pressure-fed reusable booster was arguably the most disastrous decision made pertaining to the shuttle program. When Elon Musk began the “NewSpace revolution” he repeated the same error and insured nothing meaningful could be accomplished. The distraction of the “flexible path” has been worse for space exploration than both shuttle disasters.
There is no cheap.

For Hillary to effect any solution to climate change and a host of other problems facing the United States, a complete change of direction by the space agency will be required.

And if you are wondering why Hawking radiation is in the timeline, well, I could not really find anything else for 1974. It is the Genesis of perhaps the only known plausible “relativistic” drive.


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