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Serenity should have used artificial moons

Serenity should have used artificial moons

Anybody looking for a creative consultant for their film project- I am that guy. I have enough life experience in two different military services with a top secret clearance, then private investigations, military contracting, executive protection, all over the world- been there and done it. I am a train spotter and pick out what works and what does not. Since I am fascinated by space the sci-fi genre needs my expertise- badly. Better take what I got while it is available.

For instance, Joss Whedon would have done much better with Serenity if he used more believable spaceships and off world colonies; he needed me to help him explain a solar system with thousands of Bernal Spheres.

TalesofHonor01_Preview11-600x918We love our Honor! That Weber’s heroine has not been adapted is indisputable proof that Hollywood producers are idiots.

lensman large    Smith Makes Lucas and Cameron look like dull boys. How could Hollywood waste money trying to adapt something like Dune which  does not lend itself to film when this perfect vehicle remains untouched?  ‘

One more for free:


If you want to send people into space one way to cut down on the requirements is to cut down their body mass. This is not an example of what would be left behind- a somewhat opposite approach would be better. A pair of thighs with the legs amputated above the knees, hips, and pelvic girdle- with the head roughly where the belly button is. The idea being that when they get wherever they are going the rest of their body would be regrown from stem cells.


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