Those NewSpace Trolls


Having spoken out for several years now against the NewSpace agenda it appears no longer worth the trouble. So much propaganda has circulated and creeped into the collective consciousness concerning NewSpace there was never any hope of  making a dent in it. The Musk cult has a small legion of dedicated cyberthugs that allow no criticism of their demigod on the internet. They are a vicious and disgusting bunch. I did what I could.

My first experience with being banned was on the now-defunct Space Politics website  and that is where my unquenchable hatred for the NewSpace mob was ignited. It is there I met the arch trolls Rand Simberg and “Coastal Ron” and a host of lesser minions. Being excommunicated from these little “communities” has been a learning experience- the level of state-hate and bizarro libertarian  ideology in play on these discussion boards is profoundly disturbing. It is no wonder at all the U.S. space program is so screwed up when space exploration attracts such undesirables. Even my early years in the Army did not expose me to so many toxic personalities.

My favorite story explaining a common societal situation I found myself in while commenting on NewSpace involves a young man I knew in the service who refused to be humiliated with the standard hazing and bullying that was endemic at that time. He was the toughest guy I ever met (even though he was not real big and looked like a male model) and they might have left him alone but whenever he saw it happening he complained in plain language it was wrong. When it became obvious he was not going to play the game and could not be disposed of due to poor performance or violating any regulation- he was quickly put on the security force with me dealing with other problem individuals. He was a golden gloves boxer and I saw him use those skills on a couple occasions. He eventually transferred to a ship where I later found out he beat up a succession of seaman and petty officers who took exception to his unwillingness to be abused in “initiations.” He just would not let people pee down his back and tell him it was raining. They could not do anything to him because it was the plain truth he was just refusing to undergo what was already supposedly proscribed. The Captain finally put him ashore for his own safety and my friend left the military in disgust.

What does this story have to do with my being banned on space forums? I gave up being nice to NewSpace sycophants a long time ago because it became clear fairly quickly they could never resist the temptation to belittle, demean, and insult me for disagreeing with their ideology. They feel entitled to do so and nothing will change that. While they were allowed to viciously harass me, whenever I returned fire I was banned. It is the classic fate of the whistleblower.

There are two sites that are fairly well-known and allow me to post sometimes but my comments are censored so heavily most of them are never posted. If it was not NewSpace it was conservatives or climate deniers or obnoxious naysayers or sadistic cyberbullies or some flavor of disgusting creature commonly found squatting on space discussion boards. One day I decided I had enough and that was the end.








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